Hi, I am Greg. A software developer and problem solver.

Greg Varga

With more than 16 years of experience in remote, full-stack contracting, I have collaborated with a diverse range of industries including finance, ecommerce, hospitality, marketing, and travel.

My core expertise is in PHP development, where I have built everything from web applications to comprehensive websites and e-commerce platforms, some of which have attracted millions of visitors and generated significant revenue.

I also have extensive experience in modern web technologies, including React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript. This has enabled me to develop a variety of solutions such as microservices, APIs, and data-intensive applications, often enhancing or extending existing platforms.

I am primarily a problem solver, and enjoy discussing potential solutions with stakeholders. I am equally comfortable working independently or collaboratively within a team.


These days, my main focus is on creating software that’s easy and enjoyable for people to use. I’m love designing software that combines user-friendliness, efficiency, accessibility, and customization. My ultimate aim is to create software that meets functional needs and makes people genuinely appreciate and enjoy using it.


When I am not working on a project or tinkering with a side-project, I travel the world with my wife. We have visited 44 counties together and decided that we love staying in Japan the most.

Besides travelling, I love walking and hiking, reading, and watching documentaries about plants.


42droids Ltd is my company in the United Kingdom.

The name originates from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series. “42” is the answer to life, the universe and everything. The “droid” part refers to Marvin the Paranoid Android.