Greg Varga

Greg Varga

Senior Software Developer

I’ve been a full-stack contractor for over 16 years, working remotely for agencies, consulting for startups, and teaming up with talented people to make digital products for businesses and consumers.

I’ve worked across various sectors like finance, hospitality, marketing, e-commerce, and travel, specializing in PHP and JS development for high-traffic websites and platforms.

These days, my main focus is on exploring how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can solve complex day-to-day business issues.

I’m proud to have worked with some fantastic companies:

Long-Term Contracts

Over the past decade, I have collaborated with numerous small and large businesses as a contractor. My involvement typically began with the initial development of projects, and I became a go-to resource for the creation of additional features as they were required. In addition to my development work, I have continually supported these companies by managing and maintaining their server infrastructures.

Arsenal Football Club, UK

Joined the Arsenal as a contractor back in 2017 to help set up customer, sales, and product tracking on the Arsenal Direct shop using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and other services. Worked closely with the e-commerce and development teams to help roll out new features and functions on the website, making sure everything worked properly across different languages, currencies, and countries.

The solution I developed has been instrumental in tracking millions of pounds in sales over the years, providing the team with the necessary data to make accurate decisions. This has also been crucial in creating reliable sales projections, underpinning the company’s strategic planning and growth.

Dell Technologies, UK

Tasked with the design and development of an internal SharePoint site (SPFx) for Dell’s marketing team, utilizing React.js and PnPjs. This project significantly enhanced the ability of hundreds of marketers to share information seamlessly with large teams, as well as to effectively showcase their results and KPIs. Additionally, the project contributed to increased visibility of Dell’s latest virtualization technologies among large corporate clients.

MAD Greens (Coors), USA

Joined MAD Greens as a contractor after it was acquired by AC Restaurant Group, a Coors family company. My role involved developing a complex yet user-friendly website to support the business’s rapid expansion. This website included fully customizable features such as a restaurant locator, online menu, nutritional calculator, and an event planner, all of which were utilized by tens of millions of people, significantly enhancing customer interaction and business reach.

Ninja Nation, USA

Joined the Ninja Nation team during its start-up phase, contributing to its expansion from a single Denver location to six nationwide. Developed a dynamic and flexible Drupal (PHP) website, catering to the company’s rapid growth and aiding in maintaining focus on the target audience and marketing initiatives. The website was integrated with various services for class scheduling, booking, and providing franchise information, streamlining operations and enhancing customer engagement.

Authentic, UK

Created a sophisticated, multi-tenant data and statistics management website, utilizing technologies such as PHP, Drupal, JavaScript, Node.js, and React. This software was seamlessly integrated with various social media platforms and services, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, as well as Stripe and Postmark APIs.

Since its inception, Authentic has been a key service provider for thousands of content creators, successfully processing hundreds of millions of data points.

You Could Travel, UK/USA

As a co-founder of one of the UK’s top travel websites, which attracts over 6 million visitors annually, I have built the website from the ground up. My work includes developing the editorial and scheduling functionality, the content management system (CMS), and the payment processing system. I also integrated the site with various third-party services to enhance its capabilities. Additionally, I managed the server infrastructure, ensuring high performance and reliability to support the large volume of traffic.

Trainspotters Ltd, UK

At Trainspotters, I was tasked with rebuilding their existing e-commerce website using Drupal. My role involved collaborating closely with the owners to enhance the website’s functionality. A key focus was on presenting their complex inventory in a user-friendly manner, ensuring a simple and intuitive UI/UX for customers, especially during the checkout process.

Chatham Marine, UK

As a contractor for a prominent UK-based shoe manufacturer and retailer, my role encompassed a wide range of responsibilities. My contributions included a complete site build, integrating with the inventory and order tracking system (Sanderson ERP), eBay and Amazon APIs. Additionally, I was responsible for ongoing server maintenance and support, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Rainbow Club, UK

As a contractor for a major UK-based wedding shoe manufacturer and retailer, I played a key role in various aspects of their e-commerce operations. I was responsible for the complete site build, ensuring seamless integration with the inventory and order tracking system (Sanderson ERP), eBay and Amazon APIs. My work also extended to the ongoing maintenance and support of the server infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and reliable online experience for customers.

Vail Resorts Company, USA

I joined Vail Resorts as a Drupal consultant, where I was assigned the responsibility of creating microsites to aid the ski resort marketing team. During my contract, I developed a range of websites, including online magazines and race websites, all designed to support tens of thousands of visitors. These sites played a key role in enhancing the digital presence and marketing efforts of the ski resort.


Developed a Laravel 10 based SerpWatch and SEO platform, featuring Google API integration and Stripe for payment processing. Managed the implementation of queues and set up Linux servers for optimal performance. Additionally, created a WordPress marketing site, designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, for the company’s recent launch.

Juniper Education, UK

I joined Juniper Education following its acquisition of a smaller education software company. My role in the development team focused on upgrading the outdated website and infrastructure to PHP 8. This effort led to a substantial increase in speed, benefiting over 600 schools. I employed static analysis tools such as PHPStan and PHPInsights, with unit testing, to identify and fix bugs effectively.

Sage, UK

Developed a software demo and product tour application utilizing Vue.js and JavaScript, which played a pivotal role in boosting the marketing team’s conversion rate. This application has now become an integral tool, routinely used during sales calls and in the onboarding process, enhancing customer engagement and understanding of the product.

Equator, UK

Designed and developed a multi-tenant, finance and debt management web application using .NET, MS SQL, and React.js. The application was seamlessly integrated with Twilio, SendGrid, and Stripe APIs, providing a comprehensive solution. This enabled large corporate clients to efficiently recover significant amounts of outstanding debt, thereby enhancing their financial operations and recovery processes.

Sift Ltd, UK

As a Drupal Contractor, I was part of a substantial in-house and remote team at Sift. My role primarily involves creating custom applications to augment the existing Sift platform. This includes custom module development, integration with JSON & Vue.js, as well as thorough scoping and documentation of the development processes.

Proctor + Stevenson, UK

In my role as a Senior Drupal Consultant, I was entrusted with leading several of the company’s largest Drupal projects. My responsibilities included swiftly resolving existing issues and developing new features, while effectively liaising with project managers and stakeholders.

Brightpearl Ltd, UK

In my role at Brightpearl Ltd (a global online retail management software company), I was tasked with maintaining and enhancing their marketing website, providing dedicated Drupal support. I managed a team of two, overseeing the upkeep of the website and ensuring its continuous improvement. My responsibilities extended to managing server configuration and maintenance on AWS.

Gibe Digital Inc., UK

In my position as a Senior Developer at Gibe Digital, I have been responsible for creating numerous high-traffic Drupal websites across various sectors, including marketing and retail. Additionally, I have developed several Magento-based e-commerce systems. My role also extended to working on Umbraco (.NET) based websites, showcasing my versatility and expertise in a range of web development platforms and catering to diverse industry requirements.

Computer Minds Inc., UK

In my role, I have been responsible for the complete creation and development of websites and e-commerce systems. I specialized in Drupal development and support.


I have also worked with several businesses on a contract basis, where my involvement concluded once the terms of the contract were fulfilled. In these roles, I focused on delivering specific project objectives and requirements within the contract period, ensuring a successful completion of the tasks at hand before moving on to new opportunities.